Design Studio Guide

T – shirts

T – shirts Design Studio Guide

A simple guide to navigate the Design Studio


  1. Designs  Use this button to browse our extensive clipart gallery.
  2. Edit elements  Use this button to change to a different shirt colour.
  3. Add Facebook Photos  Log in to your Facebook and add photo from your Facebook.
  4. Upload/ Add your own image  Use this button to upload your own artwork. (Never upload a low resolution images)
  5. Add text  Use this button to type text, choose a font, alter text shape and size, rotate text, outline text, and change text colour.
  6. Download  Use this button to download your product images.
  7. PDF  Save your product into PDF format.
  8. Print  Print your images.
  9. Save products  Save your product/ design.
  10. Saved products  View your previous saved products.
  11. Reset product  Reset your product back to its origin.
  12. View  You can change your product view to front, back, left side and right side.

t - shirtsIn order to bring your t – shirts vision to life, TMaker gives you the ability to create and customize your very own t – shirts designs. Whether you choose an idea from other sources or you create it yourself in our Fancy Product Designer, we make it easy to find or create the perfect item. Here is the design studio guide, for photo uploading, just click on the ‘Upload Photo’ button and choose your favorite photo or illustration. For text lovers, clicking on the ‘Add Custom Text’ button allows you to add your custom text in a number of different fonts and colors. Now your customized t – shirts design is ready and waiting for you in your cart.